Pattern Recognition

Pattern RecognitionWilliam Gibson’s – Pattern Recognition

During a bit of random surfing I ran across Emilythink and read her review of Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

I had the opportunity to see William Gibson when he was here last year promoting his latest book. He gave a quick reading out of it and signed a few autographs and answered the usual lame questions he must get frequently. (The larger the crowd in a QA time, the less intelegent the questions will be) I was impressed by him, being very tall and thin, but he’d blend into a crowd with ease. The nerd in me got the book signed (thankfully without the tacky “To Brian”, just his signature).

Pattern Recognition as covered by Emily above, was a great novel. Interesting in its modern setting, it might feel dated in a decade, but it really rings true with our current day connectivity. “Googling” people before it became vogue. Emily makes comments about Gibson’s jet lag theories, with were new to me when I read the book, but now I’m thinking that it will become my view of the lag. Your soul being left behind, and taking time to catch back up.

The book had a strong narritive, and was interesting in its portrayal of pop culture and trends and the seething of “hipness” from the narrator as she plows through her life. Damn good book. Now if only I could find my copy of it. I’ve got the slip cover hanging around, but I can’t for the life of me actually find the book and I’ve been having a hankering to read it again. Damn.

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