The Scion xB

After seeing this orange box type car when driving around, and falling completely in love with it’s design appeal I had to find out what kind of car it was. Getting way to close, but close enough I could read the little “Scion” on the emblem. Who the hell is Scion? A little helpful Google brought me to the Scion homepage.

The little box/car that I had seen was the new Scion xB. The Scion line was created by Toyota to be a new “hip” line of cars for the Gen-Y crowd. Similar to Honda’s foray into the market with their Element (which is a great vehicle, of which I am very impressed). After reading a review of the car, I still want one. At the rate I’m going my new Volvo is going to be far off. Maybe I could get a used Scion xB in a year or two? We’ll see…

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