Linux on an old PC

So everyone is getting on the Lunix bandwagon, or at least the open souce revolution. I’ve recently made the switch to Firefox, the open source browser from the Mozilla team. I’ve been very pleased with it so far. A few new things to get used to, but the new features, and the options of extentions make the browser a lot of fun to use. Tabbed browsing is something I should have done years ago when I first heard about it.

So onto Linux. I picked up an older computer from my family. It’s an old AMD 400Mhz machine, that should have enough energy to pump out a little bit of steam to experiment with. My first problem was the CD drive, easily fixed.

I originally was going to install Gentoo but while I learned a lot from partitioning my hard disks, I decided to “vanilliafy” my learning experience and download Mandrake and get it set up and learn some more of the basics of Linux before I did the deeper Gentoo.

So it’s installing on the other computer as I type this and I’ll see how it goes. Updates sure to follow.

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