Beating me to the punch

Every once and a while, I’m sure like all of you, I get a great idea. Something that would be really great to do and would be helpful to lots of people. Then I go and play Dr. Mario or something and do nothing about it. One of those ideas for years has been to scan in old Nintendo manuals in high quality and not to put any kind of watermarking, tagging or selling them like some other sites.

Enter HQ Scans. These guys have been scanning in manuals from all sorts of different systems and preserving all of it with nice high quality releases, giving them out for free, with no watermarking or tags. They are even scanning in things like the maps, ads, and warranty information that could easily be forgotten about and lost. I have to commend these guys, and even try and contribute to their worthy cause.

Here is a torrent link to their latest NES pack: NES Manual Pack 1.01 torrent

Give it a looksie, help them out, and be glad that someone wasn’t as lazy as I am and actually did something about his idea.

The Blog

Why blog? It’s not as if there arn’t 2,000,000 other blogs out there pertaining from the mundane to the profound. This is more of a learning experience and a way to express thoughts on whatever is happening around.

I’m not verbose like some people seem to be, typing and typing just to hear the sound of the keys, and LoL hoping that somewhere in the midst of all that a nugget of sense might pop out. Short and sweet. We’ll see what happens.

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