Wii – I finally got one.

So I finally managed to find a Wii.? We’ve been looking for one for a while, and through the magic of the internet, I heard that when Target has the Wii in their Sunday ads, that means they will have it when the store opens on Sunday.

Not too bad, we only had to be there by 7:45, for the store’s 8 o’clock opening.? There were about 20 or so people who were waiting for them to unlock the doors, and the quick walk back to their electronics section, a swipe of the card and I was able to walk out of Target a Wii owning man!

I picked up, using store credit, at Gamestop Wii Play and the extra controller that came with it, so Jess and I could play Wii Sports later on that night.? Setup was a breeze, Ash already loves to play with the controller, and Jess already kicks my butt in Tennis, Baseball and Bowling right off the bat.? Great.? Mii’s are fun.? But I need more.? If you are out there and have a Wii, let me know your friend code in the comments!

Here’s My Wii Friend Code – 3710 3590 4408 3554

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