Tacoma Blogging

Through some long forgotten ways and in the usual way of the Internet, I found out about a few local Tacoma blogs that cover happenings and things going on in my nice little city. I like the ideas of local blogging, and the specific topics that they can cover (one of the failings of Cinder Inc. is a lack of focus on a particular topic). It’s a little weird hearing them talk about something that’s down the street from me, or a place I eat frequently. Fun though as well, and they get into some interesting things that I’ve never noticed about T-town.

Two that are updated most frequently are Kevin Freitas’s Blog and Exit 133. Both talk about the development of Tacoma’s business and residential landscape, and also how they are changing with growth, development, and destruction.

Take for example their coverage of the spontaneous collapse of the Eagles building here just a few blocks away from me.? It’s great to see a few local blogs covering things you wouldn’t expect to see covered in a small city.

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