The Escapist

Not the Michael Chabon superhero of Kavalier & Clay fame, but the new “webzine” called The Escapist. I found it on a link from Insert Credit as a new weekly look at video gaming topics. Each week would have a theme or area that the articles would cover, with the results being available on-line and also in a much more readable PDF format.

It’s in it’s 12th week so far and though all of the articles arn’t something I’m that interested in, and not all do I agree with, they have have had some insightful articles on many aspects of gaming from mobile, casual and even the massive multiplayer experiences. Subscribing to it is easy enough with an e-mail being sent to you with the latest articles every Teusday, and another one with Friday extra articles.

It’s worth it to take a look at what they have to offer. It offers a break from traditional game writing, without decending into the navel gazing that new game journalism can decend into. Take a look.


Netfilx, one of the few .com companies to survive the blow out and keep going strong. Being as nerdy as I tend to be at times, I’m suprised that I didn’t get into the service until just a few months ago.

I thought it might be a hard sell to Jess, but I think her friends at work did a better job of selling her on it than I ever could have. So we signed up a few months ago. Started a queue, and now with 50 movies or so in it and more that could be tossed in, it’s great.

It’s been a great way to pick up older classics (Hitchcock, Kirosawa), foreign and fun newer movies. Not to make this a cheesy ad for Netflix, but I like the ability to find obscure movies and keep them until I actually have a chance to watch them (I have had Kirosawa’s Rashamon for a month and a half now).