Good news

Baby Anderson 12weeks

The above picture tells you what’s been going on in my life for the past few weeks/months besides getting used to the new job. I’m going to be a dad. It’s kinda a little surreal still. I know it’s coming and I’m excited and thrilled, but it still almost seems really unreal, like it’s just another weird story.

Life is kind of feeling like that lately. Like I’m still a kid pretending to be a grown up, having a grown up job, becoming a father (whoa… still sounds amazing), looking for our first house. Since when did I pass from kidhood into adulthood? Not that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m glad that I got there.

So yea, the idea of being a father and getting that into my head has been fun. Starting to see the doctor and getting the ultrasound just drives it more home. To see that image above live and moving around, inside my wife’s belly was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life. Life is amazing.

6 thoughts on “Good news”

  1. Nice to see the family resmblance from an early age. I can’t wait to see the bright and shiny face of a new anderson in the world. it seems like i can still clearly remember being sent to your room to pray for failing to put my napkin on my lap, or climbing from your bedroom window onto your lattice in order to escape the confines of being an impetuous 5th grader with raging hormones. And the days that used to see two energetic boys with numchacks and sticks chasing a stripped cat screamin “Tiger cat ninja” at the top of their lungs seem to be only recently gone. Biking, climbing, creek, GI joe… our friends from the past. Soon our children will form these memories on their own. raise a glass and toast these days my friend. Hopefully our childrem can build some of these memories togeather.

  2. Jesus Spence. Did you have to make me cry? Thanks for your beautiful words. I can’t wait for my baby to meet your babies.

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